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Posted over 1 year ago

At GrapheneDB we proudly manage thousands of Neo4j databases, catering individual developers working on pet projects to large companies with challenging workloads and reliability requirements.

We're growing our team and looking for a site reliability engineer to join our team. Our team is fully distributed and spread out all over the word. We value pragmatism, accountability, early feedback and helping others. We write and support our own production code. This means that DevOps is a real thing for us. In short: we are team players.

## What You'll Be Doing
* Work closely with front-end developers, designers, and product managers, using code and infrastructure to deliver value to new and existing customers.
* Monitor, investigate and solve errors in infrastructure, our distributed systems and customer deployments, and collaborate on technical support cases.
* Help maintain and improve our monitoring and automated issue resolution system.
* Be part of the On-Call Team (after being introduced to our specific technologies and processes) and respond to incidents.
* Create incident post-mortems, monitor and communicate stats on system reliability.
* Manage your own time and focus on the continuous delivery of projects.
* We don't expect you to know everything. When working remotely this can be a challenge, so we encourage our team to be constantly learning, failing and asking.

## Requirements
* Strong communication skills and ability to work cross-functionally (in English)
* Solid knowledge in Linux/UN*X, system monitoring, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and configuration management.
* Experience operating databases (monitoring, backups, debugging).
* Working knowledge in Scala or willing to learn it
* Scripting skills in Python and/or Ruby
### Bonus Points
* Experience with Neo4j or other NoSQL technologies such as MongoDB, Elastic and Redis.
* Experience with cloud computing (AWS, Azure, GCP) and containerization (Docker, LXC).
* Familiarity with Distributed Systems programming
* Experience in any of these technologies: Scala, Akka, Rust, Netty, Prometheus, Terraform, Ansible, Kafka.
JVM monitoring and (practical) tuning
* Experience with Git/Github PR & code review workflow

## Location
As the rest of the team is located in Europe, your workday should match a part of the working day in CET. We will consider applicants from UTC-4 timezone (USA or Canada or South America East Coast) and Europe timezones.

## What we offer
* 100% remote work
* A fair transparent salary (depending on location and experience).
* Numerous planned company events throughout the year.
* Flexible working hours and a generous vacation policy.
* Budget for personal development: books, training, conferences, etc.