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Posted over 1 year ago

As a Site Reliability Engineer at Jira Align, you’ll work on keeping everything running efficiently as we scale our infrastructure to support the largest enterprise customers on earth.

Our engineers and designers run the show with management existing to support, not dictate. We hire creative people and give them the autonomy to do great work. We're strongly against separations of responsibility and throwing work "over the wall." Our SRE team shares on-call responsibilities with our backend developers.

Jira Align is designed to be flexible to support all of our customers' needs both in the cloud and on premise. We are automating our build, deployment, monitoring, security and more. Plus we are designing our solution to build even deeper integration within the Atlassian solution space.

Key Responsibilities
  • Comfortable owning the infrastructure and pragmatically solving problems dealing with complex systems.
  • Working with developers to support the latest features that we have in development, like a new .Net Core REST API and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Contributing your insights across the team to help us improve or re-architect existing systems for security, scale and extensibility.
  • More About You
  • You've been in the trenches building highly scalable, efficient, and resilient systems.
  • You prefer lasting solutions, yet know the time and place for a quick hack.
  • You're excited about Continuous Delivery and scaling the platform using existing technologies and integrating new ones.
  • You’re comfortable deploying and monitoring the systems that you’ve built with tools like powershell, DSC, and Octopus.
  • You’re a fast learner and can contribute from day one.
  • You have an excellent command of written and spoken English.