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Posted over 1 year ago

**Our factory is designed to deliver great quality at high pace. In every team that you work in you will be expected to deliver work to a high level of quality. Your work quality is measured through the First Time Acceptance Rate, which means passing the code review quality bar set by Chief Architects.**

As a software architect, you can expect to be a member of one of our central assembly line teams such as a maintenance or unit test team.

The maintenance team is responsible for bug fixing across our 150+ product portfolio. If you are working with the maintenance team you will have an element of product specialization but will mainly expected to be a process specialists. You will ensure that you have all the right information and toolsets available to be able to quickly reproduce a client’s environment, reproduce a bug, fix it, test it, document the fix and send for review. You will be part of the the weekly product release cycles and thereby ensure that bugs get fixed as quickly as possible for our clients and that you are constantly improving the quality of our products.

If you are placed with the unit test team you will be responsible for increasing unit test code coverage for all products. You are expected to have great experience in writing unit tests and will also have daily and weekly targets to work against. Your role is to increase the unit test coverage and work according to the team's standards and quality guidelines.

In all cases, you will have aggressive daily and weekly targets to work against and you can expect to receive daily and weekly feedback about your performance. The regular feedback is used to help you improve immediately and to help you resolve blockers which may be slowing down your performance

# Requirements
**Candidate Requirements**

* Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering
* 5+ years of experience as a software engineer in, Java, C++ or front end technologies such as AngularJs or React
* 1+ year experience working in an environment where CI/ CD tools are used
* Have a minimum of 2 years experience leading or mentoring other more junior developers
* 2+ years experience in writing unit tests using google test, google mock, nunit, or junit
* 2+ years in an environment where you used architecture principles and frameworks such as SOLID
* At least 1 year of working experience using cloud services
* 6+months experience in Github and Jira
* ExServer/Oracle/MySQL/MongoDB/Cassandra
* SOA, EDA, and Design patterns
* Experienced using Jira and Git
* Proficiency in the following skills and technologies is mandatory:
* General database knowledge in a technology such as SQL script (ReactJS, AngularJS) , HTML5, CSS3
* Some experience in Linux, Django, REST and shell scripting
* Good proficiency in the English language

**Nice to have:**

* MVC and knowledge of another server-side programming language (Ruby, PHP) is desired but not mandatory
* Demonstrate success as a problem solver
* Be a results-oriented individual
* Comfortable “working virtually” with teammates and customers around the world