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Posted 10 months ago

Full-Time; Remote (within the United States) or from offices in LA or SF
Starting salary range for this position is $90,000-100,000
About Technovation
Technovation ( is a global tech education nonprofit that empowers girls and families to become leaders, creators and problem-solvers. Over the past 13 years, Technovation has engaged more than 100,000 underserved children and parents across 115+ countries through two flagship programs:

Technovation Girls equips young women (ages 10-18) to become tech entrepreneurs and leaders. With the support of volunteer mentors, girls work in teams to code mobile apps that address real-world problems. You may have seen Technovation featured in the award-winning documentary, CodeGirl 

Technovation Families brings together families, schools, and mentors to learn, play, and create with artificial intelligence. Through hands-on projects, children (ages 8-16) and adults learn and use AI tools to address real-world problems in their communities.

Our mission is to inspire girls and families to be leaders and problem solvers in their lives and their community. 

About this opportunity
This is a chance to shape technology strategy and implementation at a leading education technology nonprofit, in service to tens of thousands of girls and families in more than 100 countries. 

One of the main goals of our work is to bring educational opportunities to underrepresented people and bring them into the technology workforce. We believe that, with the right learning opportunities and support, everyone has the ability to learn and to become technology creators. 

As a Software Developer, you’ll play a key role in a small, (lower-case) agile product development team responsible for building and maintaining Technovation’s online learning platforms - as well as steering overall technology strategy for the organization. 

You’ll need to have:

Depth of experience in a web app framework. One or more of the following...
  • Python/Django
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Vue w/ a backend framework (e.g. Django, Ruby on Rails, or other)

Production environment experience. Things like…
  • Running an app on Heroku
  • Understanding deployment scenarios
  • Managing production configurations
  • Monitoring live apps
  • Managing code quality

Product development experience, such as active participation in, or ownership of, the development, deployment and/or testing of new features or products

Remote work experience (e.g. working remotely or working with remote team members)

You don’t need
  • Any particular university education or degree
  • Ninja/rockstar/god-like abilities - it’s healthy to doubt your skills and crave improvement

Bonus points for…
  • Constructive communication and collaboration with both technical and non-technical teams
  • Empathy for the end-user, for people of different cultures, languages, and education levels from your own
  • Experience with agile and user-centered development practices (but not dogmatic)
  • Technical experience with one or more of the following:
  • App performance tuning
  • Cloudflare
  • New Relic
  • WordPress
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Apps
  • Demonstrated commitment to STEM education, closing the gender gap in tech, or other issues related to Technovation’s mission

We offer:

Autonomy. In collaboration and negotiation with staff, you will make high level decisions about the work you will do, and how you will execute it. We don’t micromanage here. Just communicate clearly and discuss decisions with any people affected by it.

Flexible schedule. Go to appointments and run errands when you need to, as long as you’re getting your work done in good quality and on time. We have core hours, but no one is looking over your shoulder.

Ample paid time off. We offer 20 paid vacation days on top of federal holidays. (We also pay 100% of your healthcare coverage.)

Meaningful work. You’ll contribute directly to a project that provides technology education to students from underserved areas in 100 countries, all while helping to address the underrepresentation of women in STEM fields. Real people will express their gratitude to you in emails and slack chats.

Workplace input. If you can convince your coworkers, we are open to adopting new workflows, software, etc, that you think would improve our organization. The only formal approval commonly needed is for budget.

“Flat” organization. We do have a Leadership Team so that we know who to go to for help with issues and major decisions, and so that we have a clearly defined level of accountability, but you definitely won’t feel like you have a traditional boss or manager. All the way “up” to the CEO, we are transparent and honest. This isn’t fluff for a job posting, it’s something we actively practice and keep in check.

The best salary we can at the moment. Sure, you can make more at a top software company but at Technovation you’ll have purpose-driven work, personal freedom, meaningful collaboration, and real decision making power within the organization. As an education nonprofit, we don’t answer to shareholders, investors, and quarterly reports. Instead, we get to make what’s best for us and our users, on our own schedule. We will do everything we can to enable you to do the best work of your career and take pride in it.

How to apply:

Send the following to using the subject line “Developer”
  • Resume (pdf format)
  • In your email or as an attached pdf, briefly describe your experience building web apps and what you’re hoping to learn more about, and contribute to, at Technovation

Optionally, you may also include:
  • a link to your github profile, personal portfolio or website 
  • an example of a website, an app, or anything built with code that you love, and a sentence or two about what specifically you admire about it (doesn't have to have been made by you)