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Posted 3 months ago

\nSoftware Developer, C programming language, Video & Audio transcoding\n\nPlease read entire job description before applying\n\n(Sorry, no visas or c2c submission)\n\nRequirements:\n\nSolid software development experience on Video and Audio transcoding on Nvidia Tesla GPU cards using C programming language.\n\n\n* This particular project involves getting a single server to perform the highest density of live video transcoding, video validation, fault isolation, for single video stream\n\n* provides a clean HAL (GPU Hardware Abstraction Layer) with APIs between the server software and the code this person develops with Nvidia SDK running on the Nvidia GPU cards\n\n* live software update for each GPU card, and other GPU software statistics and logs between this software and existing application software running on the server.\n\n\n\n\nNote that the Nvidia GPU card may be Tesla. This person will have to know the Video Container and live video Transcoding.\n\nThe code will also need to validate the proper video container format and potentially trigger certain action(s) based on matching attributes in policies to attributes in respective video container