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Posted 5 months ago

Creditspring is on a mission to improve the financial stability for the 40% of the UK population with little to no savings. Our innovative consumer credit product offers interest-free loans in exchange for a small monthly membership fee — a safety net against the risk of high cost short term borrowing.

We are looking for a driven, hard-working and highly intelligent Software Engineer candidate excited to change consumer credit for the better and ready to deliver high-quality software in Ruby/Rails on our modern event-driven tech stack. 
Engineering at Creditspring is a partially remote team. We are not a remote first company, but it’s our goal to constantly improve our working habits to empower our remote team members. We write everything down and all important discussions happen on Slack. Prior experience working remotely is required for this role together with a high level of independence and autonomy to fit well into an evolving remote culture.

What you will be doing day-to-day
  • Working with a small multi-disciplinary team to build a revolutionary Fintech product. 
  • Providing pragmatic recommendations on the best technical tools for the job.
  • Taking data-driven decisions together with the team.
  • Working as a full-stack developer knowing when it is the right time to delegate to a specialist for help.
  • Contribute to our architecture building on top of our Event Sourced system. 
Upcoming projects
  • Build new products; we currently offer a Core and Plus product but we know there is the demand for more.
  • Build tools to maximize the efficiency of our loan servicing team; we want to grow our customer base 10x in the next year.
  • Build tools to help our customers improve their financial stability; we released the Financial Stability Score last year and we are planning to offer more.
  • Build new machine learning models and optimize our modeling pipeline; from credit risk assessments to smart ways to do loan servicing, there are endless opportunities for machine learning projects. 
Technologies and apps we use We are running a Ruby shop built on top of open source and PaaS tools to focus more on customer value and less on tooling/infrastructure. There are no hard requirements on your current tech stack as long as you can prove you have experience building high-quality software and you are eager to jump on our Ruby-based system.
  • Languages / Frameworks: Ruby, Rails, RSpec, JavaScript (Stimulus), Bootstrap
  • Infrastructure: Postgres, Heroku, AWS, Redis 
  • VCS / CI / Software Quality: Github, CircleCI, Rubocop, Simplecov, Rollbar, New Relic
  • Other apps: Gocardless, Sendgrid, Slack, Monday, Periscope 
About you 
  • You are driven by a passion to solve real user problems in a technically elegant way.
  • You know that Agile is a mindset and not a set of tools.
  • You trust automated testing to guarantee the quality and maintainability of what you build.
  • You have your own set of trusted open-source tools.
  • You keep yourself up-to-date following tech blogs and reading books.
  • You take a pragmatic approach to software development.
  • You have a good collection of production war-stories to share. 
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