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Posted almost 2 years ago

Title: Software Engineer Location: Madrid Community of Madrid ES About Geoblink We’re a fast-growing startup that has already raised close to $8 million in investment from leading venture capital firms, and has been named by Bloomberg as one of 50 most promising startups in the world to look out for. Our goal is to revolutionise the world of Location Intelligence and the way businesses think about and act upon location intelligence data. At Geoblink we are proud to say that we use the latest technologies to find awesome solutions to real-world problems businesses face when trying to expand. We leverage GIS technologies and Big Data to create a beautiful map-based user interface that not only provides lots of awesome statistics but also a great user experience. About the POI-Acquisition team Data is at the heart of all the technical challenges at Geoblink. The POI-Acquisition team is part of our Data department and is dedicated to mining, normalizing and processing points of interest that are a key part of the product features of our solution. This includes a set of very interesting (and complex!) tasks like geocoding, string normalization through machine learning, deduplicating, etc. To be able to increase the volume of information we are able to process, we continuously think about new ways to automate these processes at different levels (raw data processing, data pipelines, internal tooling, etc). This requires a mix of different roles in the team: Data Scientists for process ideation and analysis, Data Engineers to implement some of the most complex parts of the data treatment, and Software Engineers to help with parts of the implementation and plug the results into our testing and production systems, including back end and front end. About the job You would join the POI-Acquisition team as a Software Engineer, working with the Data Scientists to acquire and process hundreds of POIs on a daily basis (and more as we keep growing!). This will involve tasks to develop the back end (Node.js and Python) of different applications (back-end services and internal web apps) to read data from databases or CSV files and process it in different steps, creating automated pipelines when possible. This said, the collaboration between team members will be very close, so expect to be involved in Data Scientist tasks to fully understand the requirements of the projects, design the right approaches for the problems and help in different areas of the implementation. Who were looking for An enthusiastic Software Engineer who has a strong passion for data. You have studied Computer Science or an equivalent degree or experience. You have good coding skills and can produce clean, tested code that is well structured and is easy to understand. You have at least 2 years of experience with Node.js/Javascript, extra points if you also know some Python. You have experience working with databases (relational required, extra kudos for NoSQL). You know how to install a database and the differences between right and left joins. You love the web and are very interested in data processing. You have completed a few online courses about the basics of Machine Learning or NLP. You feel comfortable working with Git. You are constantly reading about new trends to see whats going on out there and know how you can incorporate new technologies into your current project (when there’s a good reason for it). You are a humble, curious person that loves learning and learns quickly. You have a positive, can-do attitude and are proactive and collaborative. You are passionate about what you do and care deeply about the things you build. Extra kudos if you love maps and know what the Mercator projection is. Any published open-source code is a plus. This position is open for working remotely. You can be based anywhere in the world – as long as you are online during European working hours. If you are a curious, versatile engineer or developer with a passion for data that is motivated to work in a fast-growing startup set to do BIG things then we want to hear from you! Perks of the job We have something called zero-policy which means there are no restrictions on vacation days, office hours, working from home days, etc. We believe everyone here is a mini-CEO, knows about the importance of his work for the company and thus should have the opportunity to make their own decisions about their work schedule. Everyone at Geoblink is passionate about their job, whether it be increasing businesses ROI or building complex data systems. People join Geoblink not just for the flexibility that we offer but because we have worked hard to foster a great collaborative environment filled with plenty of opportunities to have a real impact in the business and collaborate with some of the best minds in the industry. Flexible work schedule or ability to work from home whenever you want. Opportunities to learn and grow in your professional career quickly. We are open to using new technologies when they have a positive impact. We regularly organize talks about technology trends within the tech department. Moreover, we encourage you to spend an afternoon every two weeks for personal development, reading about technology trends and anything else that helps you grow in your career. Blameless environment. Whenever we screw up, we try to understand what failed in the process in order to improve it. Unlimited coffee, tea, coke to keep you going. Chillout space with ping-pong, table football, draft beer, etc. Lots of space for you to work in peace so you can produce your best work. Awesome offices in the heart of Chamber. And much, much more!