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Posted about 2 months ago

**What is Instantish?:**\nInstantish is an issue tracker that is 10x easier to use, because it integrates very closely with your conversations. It's used at companies like Framer, Glossier, Microsoft, etc. The current product integrates with Slack, and we're planning to add new video and voice integrations soon.\n\nWe're looking for an energetic and focused engineer who is excited about the challenge of adapting an old concept (tracking tasks) for a totally new kind of interface (Slack).\n\n**The role you'll have:**\nAs the second engineering hire, this role has a lot of responsibility. Your job isn't just shipping code, but making the teams that use our product better and faster (as it relates to issue tracking).\n\n**Your responsibilities will include:**\nWriting clear, maintainable, scalable code across the web frontend, backend, infrastructure, and integration products.\n\nCreating and championing engineering best practices.\n\nInterviewing, participating in hiring decisions, and onboarding new engineers.\n\nDogfooding and giving feedback on the product. Diligent issue tracking is our not-so-secret advantage when it comes to shipping quickly and consistently.\n\nTalking to customers openly about their issue tracking needs. Many of our early teams love to be a part of the process.\n\nShaping and maintaining a high-quality analytics strategy. Every new feature incorporates analytics, and if the numbers aren't adding up, we scrap it. \n\n#Salary\n$80,000\n\n\n#Location\n- 🌏 Worldwide