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Posted over 1 year ago

Full-stack web developer with an emphasis on Front-end
Location: Remote or on site at one of our numerous locations.

Your Role:

The initial project you will be working on is a complete face lift of our current application. We have high fidelity mockups that need to be converted into working software. This position would be responsible for working with the Lead Front-end Developer and the existing team with ReactJS/Redux. This is a full-time position and we would love someone to be vested in the on going development of this and future projects.

About the current application:

Allegory is built primarily in Ruby-on Rails. It is a robust, document-heavy application using a PostgreSQL database. OCR is built into our document pipeline. For search, we use Elastic Search. Our main application is cloud-based, hosted on Amazon AWS, but in some cases, we have deployed and will deploy on-prem. We practice test-driven development, using RSpec and a continuous integration server. We also use agile development methods, using Git, Aha and Jira for our code and project management.

What you'll be working on:

- Building a new web interface with React/Redux
- Interfacing and building a RoR RESTful API
- Work with DevOps on deploying UI and backend deliverables
- Manage your own time and be responsible with minimal oversight.
- We are always adapting our process to improve and you will have say and be heard.

- You know plain old Ruby. What does include vs extend do?
- You have built production level application with RoR
- You know JavaScript (ES6) and have used React/Redux
- You have read and/or used React/Redux patterns
- You know CSS decently enough to create professional web apps
- Understanding of RDMS with an understanding of raw SQL statements, database constraints and indexing.
- You have a basic understanding of what Docker and Vagrant are. We use them in our development workflow
- You have interfaced with ElasticSearch or would like to learn
- You have knowledge of unit, integration and acceptance testing; what a mock and stub are
- You know how test front end components with tools like Jest and/or Enzyme
- You can use Git (branching, merging, pull requests)
- You are not afraid to express your opinion in a professional manner

Current front-end stack:

jQuery, numerous jQuery plugins, Angular 1, ReactJS, styled-components, Jest, Enzyme, Webpack and Babel thru RoR

Still Interested:

As we said before we are looking for you to help us move from the current stack to a full SPA using React/Redux and styled-components with ES6.

When applying we would love to hear about your software development practices and why they are important to you. Email us: [email protected]

About Integreon/AllegoryLaw:

AllegoryLaw was recently acquired by Integreon; you can read the press here, This is GREAT news for you! You will be walking into to a stable company with a startup like mindset and the resources to build the original web application to its full potential and have opportunity for growth. If this is something that would interested you we would love to hear from you.