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Posted 12 months ago

Come work with talented people at Nova! We are a post series A Silicon Valley venture backed growth startup with its headquarters located in downtown San Francisco. At Nova, we’re on a mission to make financial access easier, no matter where you’re from or where you go. The founding team consists of immigrants and we’ve seen firsthand how hard it can be to start your life in a new place. Join us to make a more integrated world, creating bridges (not walls) to new places for equal opportunity.

We're connecting credit reporting agencies across the world into a single, predictive cross-border credit database. We make this information available through a standardized and modern API to unlock financial services, housing and employment for immigrants around the world. In effect, we are creating the first and only global infrastructure for financial identity to move across the world.

We are looking for an exceptional engineer and team player to help this happen. You will have ownership of the integration of systems around the world, working with a cutting edge growing stack. The rapid product iterations in a small team make for fast deploys and quick learning of new technologies.

You will work closely with the team in building out Nova's core products. You'll work on:

  • Architecture: You will maintain, co-design, and write the core components of Nova. This can be client-side, server-side, or at the infrastructure level. You'll get to work on different parts and flex full-stack muscles!

  • API ecosystem: You will be responsible for the growing complexity of our API systems both internally and externally.

  • Security: We take security very seriously at Nova due to the sensitivity of our data, so knowledge in security is a must.

  • Making it beautiful: Whether it's server or client-side, both require design and care. You'll be responsible for making beautiful UI/UX if you work on the client-side, and are responsible for easy to read logic on the back-end.

You are a great fit if...

  • You have 3+ years experience as software engineer

  • You have a BA/BS degree at minimum in an engineering field

  • You have knowledge of best practices working in agile teams

  • You have a passion for beautifully structured logic!

Job details

  • Diversity: Nova is committed to promoting diversity in its hiring as well as in all its company practices.

  • Location: San Francisco (in our beautiful plant-filled office), New York City, or remote.

  • Compensation: Competitive salary + equity package, varies depending on experience.

  • Culture: Please check out our page on Key Values for more information.

  • Contact: Any other questions please contact us at [email protected]