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Posted about 2 months ago

\nWe aren’t looking for a ‘Rock Star’ or a ‘Ninja’. We aren’t looking for a ‘Super Star Developer’ either. We want a team player; someone who is tenacious about getting things done as part of a team in an environment that expects creativity and quality delivery. Be a rebel but be part of our rebel alliance.\n\nSkills and Experience\n\nEssential\n\n\n* Strong knowledge of Java with 3+ years of experience\n\n* Secure coding experience\n\n* Experience of developing enterprise-grade, high performing scalable applications\n\n* Demonstrable knowledge of relevant HMG security standards, control objectives and best practice controls from NCSC\n\n* Strong knowledge of the Spring Boot framework (including spring data, spring security) and JEE containers\n\n* Comfortable using AWS and Linux to support application development and deployment\n\n* Proficient in application design and architecture\n\n* Knowledge of a variety of persistence technologies, to include SQL and NoSQL\n\n* Experience of designing Restful APIs\n\n* Tenacious technical problem solver\n\n* Good communicator\n\n* Experience of working in Agile teams\n\n* Demonstrable experience of working with version control, build tools, code-quality and testing tools\n\n\n\n\nDesirable\n\n\n* Experience of, or strong desire to learn, modern responsive front-end development (CSS3 with SPA frameworks such as React, Angular or Vue)\n\n* Strong working knowledge of application integration points: e.g. SSO, SAML, LDAP, SSL/TLS\n\n* Demonstrable passion for working with Open standards / Open Source\n\n\n\n\nResponsibilities\n\n\n* Continually critique and improve how the team delivers\n\n* Architect secure software systems\n\n* Design and develop reliable and secure software components\n\n* Debug, solve and communicate technical problems\n\n* Consider the user at every point in development\n\n* Always be learning\n\n\n