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Posted 8 months ago

Ready to join a fast-growing, bootstrapped, profitable startup?  Do you love building practical products from the ground that help businesses?  Is solving scalability issues a passion of yours?  Printavo ( is looking for a talented Full Stack Engineer to join the team.

Who We Are:
Printavo is an easy to use cloud-based tool for print, embroidery and sign shops to manage their business.  You can think of us as project management software for the garment decoration industry.  If you’ve ever ordered custom t-shirts it’s likely that our software was running the show at that shop.

Who You Are:
You’re an engineer’s engineer, meaning you love learning new things and solving problems.

You will be hands-on shaping our platform in all ways from performance to integrations and every layer in between.  As a platform that has been serving a quickly growing user base for 5+ years, we have had to keep up by relentlessly refactoring in order to continue to deliver value for our customers.

Role and Responsibilities:
  • Report directly to the Engineering Lead as well as work with the founder
  • Assist customer success in diagnosing and addressing customer concerns
  • Assist in monitoring performance hotspots and participate in architectural changes to scale the platform
  • Build features covering areas from integrations with other platforms, to further building out our own API

Your Skills:
  • Communication: You know how to talk to computers and humans since they’ll both be on your team
  • Organization: Source control and writing tests is a reflex
  • Curiosity: You ask questions.  Understanding comes from asking, you don’t just nod and walk away asking “what was that all about?” 
  • Resilience: You don't fold under pressure. Rather, you thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Pragmatism: Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Printavo. It was a series of choices made over a long period of time that got us to where we are, always with the guiding principle being to do right by our shareholders...our customers
  • Empathy: You love helping people, you care about your team and you're driven to enhance your personal growth. You love coming in on the ground floor and building something to reach heights it hadn’t without you. You also understand your customers and how your work helps them do their work
  • Ownership: If you see a piece of litter you pick it up. Building applications from scratch are easy. Maintaining platforms over time is hard. You are always looking for extra credit ways to make the code you work on and own better than how you found it
Awesome perks:
  • Flexible work from home schedule
  • Company matching 401k
  • Healthcare