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Posted 5 months ago

We’re looking for a software engineer excited about making Muse incredibly fast, reliable, scalable, and secure to join as the fifth partner in our all-remote team. This person will design and build the core internal systems of Muse: data storage, cross-device sync, touch input processing, and rendering.

Candidates should be excited about high-performance software. If you’ve enjoyed developing e.g. pro creativity apps, game engines, browser internals, graphics pipelines, or network servers, this could be a good fit for you.

This role is on our partner track, meaning that it has a high level of freedom and responsibility while earning a significant stake in the business. We're looking for someone who acts like an owner and we’ll treat you accordingly.

The Role

You’ll be part of the small team designing and building Muse — initially for the iPad and soon for iPhone and Mac — with a focus on performance-critical internal systems. For example, you might work on:
  • Fast data retrieval and processing to power responsive UIs.
  • Seamless sync and collaboration with technologies like CRDTs.
  • A low-latency, high-resolution inking engine.
  • 120 fps rendering of complex interfaces.
The fluid design of Muse places high demands on the app's core systems. Muse pushes the limits of iOS in these areas — in many cases breaking new ground on the platform. That's why we're looking to hire an experienced engineer passionate about this type of work. The right person will help us set a new standard for pro tool performance on the iPad.

Given that we're initially targeting the iPad, you should be excited about working in the context of the Apple ecosystem. However you don’t need prior experience with iOS; we’ll support you learning that here.

We’re an all-remote team. So that you can collaborate with us on video calls and travel to our team summits, you should be in the US Pacific to Central Europe time zone range.

The Partnership

We think of the Muse team as a partnership of peers, instead of the usual hierarchy of founders and employees. We set it up this way because we want to work with amazing teammates who act as owners, and the only fair way to expect that is for them to actually be owners. We set high standards for the partners and empower them to do great work for the business.

As Muse partner, you'll:
  • Be closely involved in key business decisions, including on e.g. product, marketing, and company operations.
  • Direct your own day-to-day work, taking initiative on finding impactful tasks and suggesting ideas for the company.
  • Have flexibility in your schedule and location: aside from a few hours a day of loose overlap online, everyone works their own hours and wherever they want.
  • Have full visibility into the business, including finances.
  • Earn a significant stake in the business (much more so than as a typical startup employee).
The current partnership is Adam Wiggins, Julia Roggatz, Mark McGranaghan, and Lennart Ziburski. A successful candidate would become the fifth partner, which is as far as we plan to expand the partnership for the foreseeable future.

The Company

Muse is a spinout of the Ink & Switch research lab. We’re taking some of the radical interface approaches and technicalideas developed in the research setting and turning them into a real-world product.

We aim to be a small, independent business that optimizes for mojo over hypergrowth and monetizes directly with pro pricing.

Our passion is to build tools that help creative people do their best work and be their best selves. We believe in human creativity and ingenuity as a force for good; self-improvement and growth mindset; and the simple joy of flow state.


To apply, write us a brief email: Please share why you’re interested in the role, a sense of your prior work, and any initial questions you have.

We look forward to hearing from you!