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Posted over 1 year ago

Engineering at Qwilr means:Collaborating with both engineers and other non-technical functions to achieve product milestones.  Being a startup, we wear many hats.  Good news is, we're a very happy team that enjoy this journey that we're on.  Check us out on GLASSDOORBuilding systems, infrastructure and features of the Qwilr app using MEAN stack (MongoDB, Angular, Javascript, Nodejs)Code reviews - we love code review because it sharpens our reasoning and grows our shared knowledge.Being product driven. You'll work very closely with our design team, and make product decisions that consider a wide context of concerns around our users and the business. This can be challenging because it means coding doesn’t happen in isolation, but its an incredibly valuable mindset and skill set for engineers to have.We are not...a group of specialist engineers who own separate domains, we are generalists who form clusters around problems and come up with ways to solve them.Pro tip: To thrive in this environment you need to fundamentally love learning new things, improving where you might have gaps or weaknesses and embrace That Kindergarten Feeling of starting from a low knowledge baseline and figuring things out.Want more details?  Check out our Qwilr page here: