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Posted 10 months ago

\nQuickly maturing startup seeking like minded Software Engineering Lead! PacketFabric has revolutionized how companies procure, deploy, and manage network connectivity with our network-as-a-service platform. We are deeply committed to understanding our customers needs, and creating products they love. We strive to create strong customer relationships throughout the company. The product and engineering teams are small, talented, and close knit groups and we need someone who has a passion for automating networks and creating services with maximum transparency.\n\nDescription\nAs a well rounded technical program manager, your technical leadership will make a big impact on our business. You should have a healthy appreciation of facing a variety of diverse challenges outside of your comfort level and working under pressure. This position focuses on our core network as a service platform.\n\n\nA typical day in the life of a Core Platform Lead might include:\n\n\n* Working closely with the network and software teams to plan new features and products.\n\n* Reviewing technical specifications and capabilities with the network architecture team to make decisions on underlying hardware and protocols, creating software integration plans with software team, and creating a holistic technical view of how to bring a product or feature into the customer portal.\n\n* Working with sales, customer support team, and customers to deeply understand the problems our customers face in deploying and using network connectivity.\n\n* Working with software engineering to implement systems, test, and deploy systems - reviewing code and architecture as needed to ensure program goals are met.\n\n* Writing engineering analysis and recommendations to stakeholders, then flipping the script and explaining product trade offs to engineers, all the while keeping scale and long term viability in mind with trade offs for faster execution.\n\n* Researching additional ideas you may have to improve the platform overall and sharing with the product team.\n\n\n\n\nRequirements\nThe candidates who will excel in this role probably have a CS degree, a solid background in both software and network engineering, and naturally gravitate towards planning and creating amazing products.\n\n\n* 5+ years as a production software engineer.\n\n* Strong knowledge of layer 2 (Ethernet, 802.1q), layer 3 (IP, MPLS), routing protocols (BGP, ISIS) and network concepts such as transit, peering, and transport.\n\n* Proficiency with Python, SQL and probably more languages.\n\n* Proficiency with tools like Git, Jira, Confluence, LucidChart, Postman, and wire framing tools.\n\n* Experience leading cross functional engineering teams, and collaborates well in a team environment.\n\n* Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, that accompany excellent organizational skills.\n\n* A never ending drive to solve complex problems and move projects to completion.\n\n* Experience creating key performance metrics, and financial business intelligence to enable decisions throughout the company.\n\n* The mindset to automate everything, all the time.\n\n* Never afraid to question notions or beliefs of how things should be done.\n\n\n\n\nPreferred Experience\n\n\n* Experience with software engineering in large distributed systems, or large scale infrastructure providers.\n\n* Experience as a production network engineer in a large network.\n\n* Experience with one or more of the major cloud providers performing API integrations and/or deployment automation of compute, security, and network configuration.\n\n* Experience with a wide variety of hybrid cloud environments.\n\n\n