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Posted over 1 year ago

**The SEM manages a team of 5-20 Engineers, Architects, or Chief Architects. You are expected to work with your team on a daily basis ensuring the team solves their challenging software problems within deadlines. You must continuously improve the quality of your team's performance by coaching the low contributors and replacing them with better top global talent when necessary.**

Our business methodology is to set aggressive quarterly goals for our products, which are driven by our product management team or the overall IT strategy. We conduct product releases on a weekly cadence. The SEM is expected to lead their team towards achieving daily and weekly goals.

You are expected to leverage your technical depth as a former developer and architect to push the team towards a high standard of technical excellence, and be achieving the organization's quality bar. As an SEM you are expected to monitor the team’s daily and weekly performance using our proprietary workflow management tools. The SEM is responsible for identifying obstacles and offering to coach to improve productivity.

# Requirements
**Candidate Requirements**
* Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science is mandatory.
* 10+ years of software development/engineering experience in C# or Java
* Proven managerial skills with at least 3 years of experience managing teams of at least 10 individual contributors
* Experienced in leading multiple teams across multiple products and technologies
* At least 1 year of experience in releasing software products within a CI/CD environment
* At least 1 year experience working with cloud services
* 6+months experience using Jira and Github
* Proven experience in building high-performance teams and scalable best engineering practices
* Very good level of English proficiency

**Nice to have:**
* Demonstrate success as a problem solver
* Be a results-oriented individual
* Comfortable “working virtually” with teammates and customers around the world
* Has worked with back-end technologies and latest development frameworks