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Posted about 2 months ago

Location: Remote, US or Europe preferred

We work remotely across the US and Europe (UK, Germany, Austria, and Portugal). We prefer candidates that are in time zones between US Pacific Time and Central European Time.

We're looking for someone to help us make Fantastical, Cardhop, and Fantastical Premium even better. This includes improving and maintaining our website and features that are part of Fantastical, as well as creating new web-based features for Fantastical and Cardhop. You'll be joining our engineering team of four Mac/iOS engineers and two web engineers.

We're a small company, so there are always many things going on at once. This means there will be the opportunity to wear multiple hats and there's always be something new and interesting to work on! Since we're a small team, this is not a purely frontend or backend role. Expect roughly a 75/25 split between frontend and backend work.

A short summary of our tech stack: We use Django, Python, Go, React, and TypeScript, with some PHP and WordPress thrown in. Our databases are MySQL and Redis, and everything is running on Google Cloud and Google Kubernetes Engine.

Skills and requirements

- Full time (40 hours a week)
- Self-motivated and able to work on your own (we're remote, and we trust you to do an awesome job!)
- Previous experience working remotely helps, but isn’t required
- Effective at communicating both in real-time and asynchronously
- Working reading and writing proficiency in English
- Comfortable and proficient using Git, including command-line knowledge of Git
- Comfortable both consuming and creating REST APIs
- Experience with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript (and ideally SCSS and TypeScript)
- Experience with frontend JavaScript frameworks (we use React)
- Experience working with databases, such as MySQL and Redis
- Some experience with server-side frameworks such as Rails, Django, or Express
- Proficiency writing unit and integration tests
- Proactive and always looking for ways to make things better
- If you already use and love Flexibits apps, even better!

Other things you'll enjoy

- Working on an app lots of people rely on and love (and you can make them love it even more!)
- Traveling to a fun place occasionally for in-person team meetings (when it becomes possible again)