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Posted about 2 years ago

Software & Integrations Engineer

Reaction Commerce is seeking a Software Engineer to join our growing Solutions Engineering (SE) team.  As a part of the engineering team at Reaction Commerce, you’ll have the opportunity to help shape the fastest-growing open source commerce platform in the world. You’ll be responsible for collaborating with the SE and Core engineering team to work on enterprise client implementations and 3rd-party integrations on Reaction Commerce.

You will play a pivotal role in translating business and functional requirements into reliable, quality software. This role will combine a front-line engineer position with a sales-engineer position who will be working with the sales team to understand prospect requirements, technical discovery and systems architecture for the client’s Reaction Commerce inclusive ecommerce stack.

Description of the Job

What you will be doing

* Work with client, designers, other developers and QA across multiple time zones to deliver reliable, performant, well-crafted software by agreed-upon deadlines

* Work with prospects and clients to discover their needs and architect solutions with regards to customizations, integrations, and extensions on Reaction Commerce

* Represent the Engineering team in meetings with prospects

* Work with the core team to establish API’s for extending the core software

What a typical week would look like

* Create plugins for RC that integrate a third-party payment gateway (think Stripe or Paypal)

* Create stand-alone systems using tools such as AWS Lambda and Kafka that integrate with external systems like Enterprise Resource Planning

* Review basic requirements from a prospect and provide suggestions on architecture in addition to implementation effort estimates.

* Attend a once-daily “sync” call to give status updates and talk about new work/issues

* Attend a weekly “all-dev” call to discuss technical challenges and show off “cool” or interesting things you have worked on this week

* Attend monthly 1-on-1’s with  the Director of Solution Engineering and weekly 1-on-1’s with  the Team lead

Description of a successful Candidate


* 5+ Years as a full-stack software engineer focused on web-based development

* At least 2 years experience with Node and the npm environment

* Exceptional written and oral communication skills including the ability to communicate complex issues to technical and non-technical staff and management

* A strong understanding of the asynchronous programming model

* Experience with a front-end component framework like React and backend systems like Express and GraphQL

* Experience with ecommerce development (Demandware, Magento, Shopify plus, etc) or integrations into ERP, Tax, Accounting, Inventory management, Payment gateways, and other 3rd parties essential to ecommerce storefronts.


* Has experience working in a remote environment and is familiar with the challenges

* Is able to understand a technical problem in the context of the customer needs

* Enjoys and flourishes in an environment that encourages cooperation and teamwork

* Has a longer term vision for themselves and their career

* Focuses on constant, incremental improvement in themselves and their skills

* Is willing to express when they need help or feel uncomfortable

* Enjoys and flourishes in an environment that values frank feedback at all levels

* Able to manage multiple tasks without becoming frustrated

* Tendency to teach others what you know and excitement for sharing knowledge