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Posted over 1 year ago

Software Product Owner

Want to work remotely as a full time developer for a company that has been writing software for 37 years but is also using the latest technologies? SSCS is looking to add a dedicated Software Product Owner to our software development department. This position will help drive the future direction of our new software projects.

Duties and Responsibilities

* Develop vision and roadmaps for products; communicate this to development teams.

* Work with users and customers to determine product requirements.

* Become subject matter expert for the business domain to which products are targeted.

* Build consensus on solutions among users, SSCS, and Agile development teams.

* Create epics and user stories that define what the product needs to accomplish.

* Work with management to help the product meet the strategic needs of company.

* Prioritize product backlog in order to provide the greatest value to users as quickly as possible.

* Review work done during the sprint and accept or reject the work depending on how it meets requirements.

* Make sure completed features get deployed to production and appropriate notifications and documentation go out to customers.

 Requirements and Qualifications

* Knowledge of agile processes and Product Owner responsibilities.

* Excellent organization, communication, and problem-solving skills.

* Self motivated.

* Attention to detail

* Prior experience working as a product owner or business analyst a plus.