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Posted 10 months ago

You must have proven sales experience in closing custom web and mobile development projects in the US. This is a contractual requirement with our software clients. This is not a job nor are you working 100% for commission. We offer a hybrid model something like you are run a branch office for softsales and is also similar to you owning your own franchise location. The bottom line is this is your business. We are here to make you successful."If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together"Potential African ProverbWe have an enormous pipeline of future awesome clients and plan to open one location per month. We have immediate needs to sign up the next Pod owner, is it you? Our Company:We sell custom web and mobile development to US customers for offshore and nearshore companies. Our clients whom we vet and select pay us commission on closed deals and pay monthly for marketing services. Our clients hire us to be the US based sales and marketing office. We offer a wide range of marketing services grouped into outbound and inbound. Our core offering is email marketing. We generate leads for our clients and some clients generate their own leads.We are working with companies in India, Central/Eastern Europe and LatAm. We are expanding into Asia, Africa and Russia. We sell all major technology stacks and frameworks like, RoR, Python, Java, PHP, .net, all JavaScripts and all types of mobile development. Some clients also have digital marketing and others are heavy on databases, quality assurance or gaming.We are primarily a sales organization for software development firms based outside the US. We earn commissions on all sales. We are building an internal marketing agency to help our clients generate more leads. You are their dedicated Account Manager and representative in the US.This is a unique opportunity, it is your business and it is a full-time commitment. You need agency software sales experience to be considered. We care about who you are as a person first and then we will look at what else you have done professionally. We want people who are aligned with us to join our network.We have a substantial database of Indian, Central/Eastern European, Central/South American, Asian, African and Russian companies. We have the sales systems, branding technology, sales deck, contracts, experience, success stories, the credibility and the market knowledge. We will teach you everything we do to help you sell software in the US. All we need is you.Your Role: We have clients that want us to sell lots of software development services for them in the US. Your focus is to dive in deep and really get to know your clients and be their advisor and consultant and then you must start closing sales deals. This is full-time and flexible work from home opportunity. It is a very diverse day with lots of different types of activities. We will send you the deck that we send to clients so you can get a sense of our offerings.We work in multiple CRMS, like Hubspot, Pipedrive and Zoho with our clients. Your core skills are building meaningful relationships and sales!Your Compensation:You will be paid as a contractor on a 1099 and will have total flexibility with your hours and how you sell for your clients. You will be paid from the base revenue we charge for account management and we guarantee $5000/month for the 1st three months after you complete the training program.You can expect a base of around $7000/mo and your big incentive is commission for deals you close. This is how we all ultimately make money, generating software sales for our clients. This is easily over $100,000 in the first 12 months if you work hard and bring your expertise. Your target there after should be $250,000!You will manage a Pod, each Pod starts off with seven initial clients that we sign up for you. You will meet and talk with them all and the choice must be mutual. We set up all the systems; train you on the all systems and then you run your account management and sales business. Training takes about 3 weeks and 50 hours, we do not compensate you for training time and in training you will have your initial weekly conversations with your clients. We charge $1200 per month for account management services and we get 12.5% to 20% commission on payments made on software contracts. You will pay a $500/mo licensing fee, 5% admin fee and we split the sales commission 75%(you)/25%(us). You also pay for all your own systems and tools. If we are interested we will give you access to all of the numbers, decks and contracts.Your desire and drive should get you to six figures in the first 12 monthsIf you are interested please answer the following questions and we will only reply if you do.1. Who are you?2. Why do you want to pursue this opportunity?3. Why are you an ideal match for this role?4. Please provide feedback on this ad.5. What is alive in your world right now?6. What do you think would be your biggest challenge in this role?Please send your Linkedin and any CV or resume you may have.Additional InformationMy Income History:I started with one sales client who generated lots of quality leads. I worked exclusively and part time maybe 15 hrs a week on average. Here are the numbers I produced for Idyllic, an Indian company that grew from 15 to 60 people with me leading sales.2014 $147,648 exclusively for Idyllic sold $700K2015 $202,982 exclusively for Idyllic sold $1.1M2016 $98,000 exclusively for Idyllic sold $1.2M wrote off over $100K in commissions they had financial troublesSince the collapse of Idyllic I've been working on different models and have continued to earn my income in this industry.2017 & 2018 averaged $100k in income as I landed on this model for 2019 and the future.A bit about me:I live a mindful life and have a strong commitment to my spiritual practices and inner work. I consciously co-parent two teenage boys and practice yoga/workout daily. I believe in family, authentic relating, entrepreneurship and finding one's unique path with abundance and flow. I am an entrepreneur, salesperson and creative. Here is my LinkedIn profile: A bit about you:This is a relational business; our first assessment of you is your ability to connect with us. Then we will want examples of how you connect with potential customers. Software agency sales background is required. For example you must understand the difference between agile and kanban. You need to know the pros and cons of native, hybrid and cross platform mobile options. We do not have any capacity to train you on the software industry.In your recent work history you have demonstrable success in web and mobile software revenue generation. You thrive off of closing deals for our clients. You are creative and are committed to metrics and systems. You have amazing oral and written communication skills. You own a Mac in good working order, as all of our systems are Mac. You have a suitable home office, with Vonage compatible modem.We look forward to getting to know you better and excited to connect. We hope you join our growing network of software sales professionals.Namaste and have a great day. Brian