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Posted about 1 year ago

As our Developer:

You will work primarily with professional services firms such as architecture, engineering, management consulting and IT.  Developers work closely with our Accounting Software Consultants to write custom reports, complete data conversions and assist with software installations.

Required skills:

* Strong knowledge of SQL scripting

* Experience with Visual Studio and SSRS

* Ability to handle multiple projects in a flexible work environment

* Work well in a team-oriented environment

* Willing to be coached and show ability to learn our industry and products quickly

* Analyze customer needs and build value-based proposals

* Passion for data analytics, elegant solution and attention to detail

Preferred qualifications:

* Previous Technical Consulting experience desired, preferably in the software industry

* Minimum of three (3) years programming experience

* The ability to travel (infrequently) and work from either a company or virtual office