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Posted 12 months ago

We are looking for a SQL Guru to join us. Our development team is small, dynamic and completely remote.About you:You are comfortable writing and understanding complex SQL queries.You can help the stakeholders formulate their requests and can help them tweak the queries to get most useful reports.Your English communication skills are excellent.You can parse results from databases using a programming language.The role:The Data Analyst is responsible for querying information from SQL databases and other sources and organizing it into coherent reports.You will work directly with several stakeholders around the company who will ask you to gather data and generate reports to them.Many of the stakeholders are knowledgeable about databases and will work with you to tweak the queries and adjust them to their needs.We will work with you to create a centralized repository of reports and graphs that show which data is queried, how it is queried and what the results look like. The work environmentThis is a completely remote position, but it is a full time commitment. You will work closely with other developers and will occasionally be called in a remote VOIP meeting. We try to keep things agile, but we avoid ceremonies and unnecessary meetings.  We try to keep the workflow streamlined and fun for all developers.