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Posted 10 months ago

Are you a creative and talented developer who works hard to ship code early and often? Does working on a project that holds the source of truth about status for most major Internet companies float-your-boat? Do you want to help build the future of incident management at a company built by developers for developers? If so, come join us at Atlassian and work on the Statuspage team!

You will be expected to take features from concept through to launch, while working in a dynamic SaaS environment where every line of code you write will be appreciated by major Internet players and the end-users that rely on them. You will be responsible for designing, implementing, monitoring, scaling and optimizing the code that powers Statuspage.

This role will also include, but is not limited to:
  • Playing an integral role in designing and developing new features and frameworks for Statuspage that will help the Internet stay honest around uptime
  • Optimizing the Statuspage platform so that it's able to send hundreds of thousands of emails/SMS/webhooks in under a minute
  • Leverage state of the art tools and technologies and incorporate writing specialized custom tools, when necessary, to get your job done
  • Tackle the hardest problems facing the team, including memory and other resource allocation problems, lock contention in multi-processing and multi-threading systems, data consistency, race conditions and performance issues
  • You're a builder at heart and, ultimately, you will help define what it means to provide status updates for the Internet
On your first day, we expect you to have the following:
  • Strong programming experience (Ruby on Rails or Python is strongly preferred, but not required)
  • Experience with front end technologies such as CSS/HTML, React and SCSS
  • Experience with schema-based data storage (Postgres, SQL)
  • Experience in AWS EC2, ELB, ElastiCache, RDS, and more
It's great, but not required if you have experience:
  • Breaking down problems into executable chunks and coordinating multiple engineers to deliver a solution
  • With distributed version control internals (Git, Mercurial)
  • Using Agile development methodologies like XP and Scrum