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Posted about 1 month ago

Project Description

School Safety Solutions project - A Suite of applications focused on preventing safety incidents across educational campuses. This complete solution includes staff and student training, as well as reporting and incident management applications.

  • Bug fixing
  • Feature implementation
  • Development testing.
  • Some requirements analysis might be involved over time as the individual becomes used to the product and the team.
  • Experience with PERL (DBIx::Class or similar Perl ORM)
  • Expertise using Catalyst or similar framework
  • Some experience with React and/or general JavaScript is valuable
  • Familiarity with MySQL (or other relational databases) is a plus
  • Basic understanding of Dojo and jQuery (not mandatory)
  • Experience working within cloud environment (not mandatory)
  • Payment in USD
  • Free credentials for e-learning platforms
  • Remote workshops & activities