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Posted 4 months ago

Outlier helps people discover interesting, actionable insights in the sea of their business data. We are leading the creation of a new class of tools called Automated Business Intelligence.

To do this, we need to connect to our customer’s data, wherever it may be. Integration engineers build the software that brings in millions of data points per customer, every day, reliably. We bring in data from Redshift and BigQuery and Snowflake, from all sorts of SQL databases, and from APIs of all varieties. We connect Outlier’s magic to the world.

As we grow faster and faster, moving into new verticals, our ability to build, launch, and support new integrations will be critical to Outlier’s future success. This job will let you play a vital part in the company’s future and help us to grow our lead in this space.

You will help us build a product that addresses an important, unsolved problem in business intelligence, on a team that solves problems together, learns from one another, and continuously seeks to improve itself. Help us build and launch new features and automated analyses, improve our platform, and watch your work impact your fellow engineers, the broader Outlier team, and our customers!

As a Sr Software Engineer focused on Integrations at Outlier, you will:
  • Work on a variety of different challenges across our stack - primarily in Go, Node.js, and React, deploying into a Kubernetes and Kafka environment.
  • Integrate Outlier with a wide range of new datasources, at scale.
  • Design, implement, and launch user facing features.
  • Work with our customers to understand their challenges and help them get value from Outlier faster.
To be a great fit for the position, you should:
  • Be an experienced individual contributor who has a record of shipping work. You’ve been the technical lead on projects. It would help if you’ve worked in Go or Node.js, but it is absolutely not a requirement.
  • Have worked in modern web development, across many parts of the stack.
  • Like being part of a team, with strong written and oral communication skills. You don’t need to be a native English speaker! We’re not after perfect grammar and spelling; we’re after the ability and desire to communicate.
  • Be focused on helping users be successful.
  • Be constantly looking to learn and improve.
We are a family- and life-friendly company. Lots of us have young children, illnesses both visible and invisible, and other commitments. That’s life. We adapt. Outlier has two offices, and a growing number of remote employees already. Both of our offices have standing work-from-home days on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to give our office-based employees more flexibility in their lives.

Please note that if you are selected, part of our interview experience will include a project-based take-home challenge where you’ll have the opportunity to present your work to the team.