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Posted 9 months ago


Bitovi helps companies create better web applications.  

We have a track record of designing and building high-profile and amazing applications through our active Consulting practice.  Our apps are built with tests, full docs, and a deployment process in place.

Bitovi has been a pioneer in producing advanced frameworks and tools for almost a decade. We develop and maintain several open source products such as CanJS, DoneJS, and StealJS to name a few.  We are interested in product innovation and opportunities.

Our team is comprised of about 30ish developers and designers located around the US and Canada. This is a remote full-time opportunity.  We are looking for candidates located in the US or Canada as occasional travel may be required.



We are looking for qualified individuals with the following:
  • BS (or equivalent) in relevant field (computer science, etc)
  • 5+ years experience in a professional cloud computing role
  • Thorough understanding of the full CI/CD pipeline
  • Thorough understanding of Observability in DevOps
  • Experience integrating with at least one enterprise auth system (SAML, LDAP, etc)
  • Ability to solve complex problems
  • Ability to take an abstract goal from idea to reality with little to no guidance
  • Ability to keep track of any number of simultaneous initiatives with detailed clarity and efficiency
  • Familiarity with StackStorm

Individuals should also be an expert with:
  • Deploying and maintaining production, enterprise applications to a Kubernetes cluster
  • GitOps workflows
  • At least one configuration management tool
  • Automating systems through configuration
  • Using the Prometheus/Grafana/Alertmanager stack in a production environment
  • Using Helm
  • Writing and publishing Docker containers
  • Writing bash scripts
  • At least 2 programming languages (one should be Python)
  • Communication and setting expectations


You'll act as a consultant with our client, and we expect the role to include the following:
  • Configure and maintain Prometheus, Grafana, and Alertmanager instances as well as StackStorm instances deployed into Kubernetes clusters using industry best practices such as infrastructure-as-code and GitOps.
  • Write PromQL queries to answer complex questions about entities being monitored
  • Build and maintain Grafana dashboards
  • Configure Alertmanager to notify and work with external systems
  • Write StackStorm packs to handle alerts from Alertmanager and other systems and to perform diagnostic and remediation actions/workflows
  • Work with other team members to keep all systems up-to-date with latest upstream versions and install supplemental tools as required by client.
  • Interact with the client’s internal customers directly to address concerns and requests.
  • Enhance workflows (developmental and technological) based on conversations with team members and customers
  • Propose and implement enhancements based on independent research and insights
  • Fully own features and ensure they are delivered with high quality
  • Facilitate coordination and collaboration between team members and other teams for assigned features
  • Gather feature requirements and translate them into implementable steps
  • Maintain status reports of all active work including risks, uncertainties, and timelines


The following attributes are major positives, but not all hard requirements:

  • Experience deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters
  • Experience with StackStorm in Production
  • DevOps tools experience outside of CI/CD
  • Experience writing Helm charts

ROLE:  Full Time Hire