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Posted 11 months ago

Team: Operations
Role closes - 11:59pm, 11th Sep 2019 AEST (Australia/Sydney)
AUD$130K-$160K salary (excluding superannuation / 401k) depending on experience, plus benefits.

Remote with at least 3 hours of overlap with an Australian timezone

22.5-38 hours a week depending on your preferences and availability

Buildkite is a continuous delivery platform that helps development teams ship quality code, fast. Making developers happy and productive makes us happy, and we’re lucky to work closely with some of the best software teams in the world, including Airbnb, Shopify, Intercom, PagerDuty, and Basecamp.

We're looking for a Support Engineer to help expand Buildkite's high level of customer support. You'll get to work with some of the best engineering teams in the world, helping them set up new CI/CD pipelines, explain and architect technical solutions, as well as contributing to our core and open-source projects. You'll be our first team member dedicated to support, and you'll be working alongside our product engineers, Enterprise account manager, and technical writer.

A typical day for a Support Engineer at Buildkite might look like:
  • Assisting customers via email, Slack or Discourse, and following up with fixes to the product or documentation.
  • Troubleshooting and isolating a customer issue, and working on a fix either yourself or with the help of Engineering.
  • Identifying recurring themes that customers are running into, and communicating them clearly via Basecamp to the rest of the company.
  • Helping a potential customer over Slack or Zoom, teaching them Buildkite's concepts and tools, and helping them get a working proof-of-concept.
  • Joining an Enterprise account catchup over Zoom with the Enterprise account manager, listening to pain points, talking through solutions, and communicating key issues back to the Buildkite team.
  • Attending developer conferences, and speaking with engineers from potential and existing customers.
  • Helping build and maintain the open-source Buildkite plugins, and responding to GitHub issues and pull requests on open-source repositories.
  • Creating and updating documentation and guides.
  • Finding, suggesting, and improving the ways we can support and help customers.
  • Mentoring other team members on support.

This job is for you if you:
  • Have excellent written and verbal English language skills, and prefer to speak plainly and personally.
  • Have strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
  • Are empathetic and patient.
  • Have Intermediate programming experience in a language like Golang or Ruby.
  • Are familiar with Bash scripting.
  • Have experience with AWS or other cloud environments.
  • Have an interest in developer tooling.

About us
We are an independently owned, profitable company that values sustainable growth, transparency and work-life balance. We're currently a distributed team of eleven, and we work remotely from Melbourne, Vancouver, Perth, Sydney, and Adelaide.

Benefits and Salary
  • We’re offering a base salary of AUD$130K-$160K salary (excluding superannuation / 401k) depending on experience, plus benefits.
  • Equity and profit share.
  • 6 weeks paid annual leave.
  • 6 months paid parental leave for primary caregivers, and 3 months paid parental leave for secondary carers with superannuation/401k and continuation of all benefits.
  • Comprehensive hardware and phone budget every 24 months.
  • Training and conference budget.
  • Wellness budget.
  • Private healthcare.
  • Green commuting budget.
  • Expense card.
  • Home office expenses, and co-working budget.