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Posted 10 months ago

What would I do at Litmus?

We're looking for a talented engineer to be the technical expert in our support team. You’d be helping our customers with technical topics, as well as debugging, prioritizing and filing potential bugs they may have encountered.

In addition to working closely with our customer support team, you’d have ownership over many aspects of our internal infrastructure, such as implementing and maintaining methods of monitoring Litmus and its features. This part of the role may involve building and maintaining apps from scratch, so you’ll need the programming know-how for that too.

Occasionally, you will be asked to be the technical lead on a call with a customer. Your fellow engineers will arm you with everything you’ll need to know, but you should be comfortable discussing APIs and some high-level programming concepts related to integrating and using Litmus.

If you’re familiar with other programming languages beyond C# and the .NET Framework, or willing to learn, we have a strong need for someone to write and maintain sample/wrapper code for our API. The associated documentation could always use sprucing up too!

The person that fills this role should consider themselves the go-to person for technical questions. You’re a friendly bridge between customer support and engineering.

What is Litmus looking for in a candidate?

The ideal candidate will have:

  •  Some experience in C#, .NET, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails 
  • Experience interacting with customers and non-technical staff.  We will be looking for someone who can explain technical concepts and issues in plain, easy-to-understand English.
  • Prior experience working in a Support Engineer, Technical Support, Tier 2 Customer Support, Sales Engineering or other relevant position