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Posted 6 months ago

Coveralls is a profitable startup that since 2013 has provided a service that helps developers confidently deliver code by showing which parts of their code base aren’t covered by automated testing. Hundreds of thousands of developers rely on our code coverage tracking to make sure that their projects' test suites don't have blind spots, and that new code added to their project is properly tested. Coveralls is also something of a community service - developers working on open source projects, large or small, can use Coveralls for free. We're built on open source software tools, and we are proud to give back to the community by providing our service for free, forever.

We are looking to hire our first support engineer to help us shape our product as we grow / add new features, while making sure that the existing service meets our customers' needs. The position will be contract to start, but with the intention of making it full-time.

It isn't all just customer support though...we see this role as the main link between our customers and the development team. Since you will be the first to hear back from our existing and potential customers, the support role is a key element in our UX and product design cycle - so it is important that you be able to collect feedback about what works, what doesn't, and what might need improvement so that we can make Coveralls better for everyone.

As a small company, we will all wear many hats, but we aren't expecting that you'll magically become a full stack developer. We are just hoping to find someone creative, flexible, and interested in developing new skills to be able to handle support for a DevOps tool, and also contribute to helping us deliver a better product and experience for our customers. That means we want your input on how we can create and improve our own processes so that we all don't have to do the same things over and over - we are strategically lazy and hope you are too. If you come up with a way to spend a bunch of time and effort now so that we don't have to do something repeatedly in the future, we want those ideas!

What is the role?

  • You will be the first point of contact for customers, current and potential, and also to the greater developer community
  • Help create and update documentation, and internal processes, based on the issues that come up in the course of supporting customers

What sort of things would you be doing?
  • Manage our GitHub issue board
  • Respond to incoming support requests, technical and billing, and if needed escalate bugs/issues up the chain to the development team
  • Answering questions from potential new customers, and assist with customer onboarding
  • Help create and maintain product documentation
  • Reach out to other members in community to educate about product

What would make you a good fit?

Coding experience
  • As a support engineer, you need to have a general understanding of major programming languages, with solid familiarity of at least one (our service was written in Ruby), but open to anything as long as you are interested in expanding your knowledge

Excellent communication
  • This role requires a lot of written communication, so you will need to be an effective and clear communicator

Familiarity with DevOps services
  • You have experience with devops tools, e.g. CI (Travis, CircleCI, etc)

Customer support background
  • Experience with community management/outreach and customer support

Able to effectively work remote 
  • Comfortable working remotely; we're based in Los Angeles but remote-first. Daily communication done mainly via Slack, Zoom, and email