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Posted 10 months ago

SVP of Software Engineering and Operations

$ 400k/Year

Good fit for: Director of Software Engineering, Head of Engineering, Director of Engineering, Vice President Of Engineering, Senior Vice President of Engineering

Crossover, the world’s largest remote work company, is looking for a seasoned executive with experience in a global leadership role. As SVP of Engineering and Operations, you should be a senior manager who has built your career starting as a software developer and progressing into executive roles over the years.
Reporting to an EVP of Engineering and Operations, you will be responsible for an organization of 250-1250 people. You will establish weekly targets and daily check-ins in order to drive your teams towards achieving aggressive quarterly goals set by our CEO and COO of the group companies.
We are an organization where acquisitions of software companies is one of our primary goals. You will play a major role in the acquisition of some of these organizations and may be expected to lead the transformation of any acquired company within our 90-day program.
Hello, we have 765 full time partners from your country, United States . Let’s make it 766!