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Posted over 1 year ago is looking for the highest caliber sysops engineers to join its team. We are looking to add to a team that provides 24/7 coverage to ensure our products are always available for our customers.Job Functions: Evaluate, respond to, and resolve service issues; design tools and automation to prevent problem recurrence Design systems monitoring and management solutions using automation and self-repair rather than relying on alerts and human intervention Create and maintain custom scripts and automations to increase system efficiency and lower the human intervention time on any tasks Review current infrastructure and offer constructive suggestions Suggest enhancements and escalation concerns appropriately to diagnose and remediate underlying system problems and inefficiencies Work closely with the development team to support requirements and release schedule Manage security-related aspects of the infrastructure Job Requirements: AWS (EC2, S3, API/CLI, SQS, VPC, IAM, ElastiCache) (including launching servers) Ubuntu, AWS Linux experience Shell scripting and automation of routine tasks Knowledge of Apache, Nginx, PHP, MySQL AWS Certified SysOps Administrator (preferred)