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Posted 8 months ago

In this role, you will be interacting directly with students as they finish their development training and start getting ready for the job market. You will have the critical task of making sure that students have everything they need to show employers what they are capable of: resume, LinkedIn profile, portfolio, etc.

On top of that, you will help students prepare for technical and behavioral interviews, coordinate mock interviews, design personalized job application plans, and help them negotiate salary offers. As students start applying to jobs, you will conduct weekly coaching sessions to help them navigate the process.

As part of this role, you will also be tasked with helping update learning material as part of our curriculum to guide students in the process of accessing the job market, and you will be expected to help us determine what we need to provide to students to enable them to succeed in their job search.

You will be joining a team of two other non-technical career coaches, and you will be expected to provide focused support for the technical portion of the interview preparation curriculum.

We have a strong data-driven culture of experimentation, and we work in an iterative, MVP style. This is an opportunity to shape an early-stage company and be part of a movement that is trying to connect millions of people with global opportunities regardless of where they are.

Duties & Responsibilities

  •  Stay on top of hiring trends and continuously improve upon Microverse's Career Prep and Job Searching curriculums.
  • Review students' online presence and suggest pixel-perfect improvements on their LinkedIn, AngelList and Github profiles, as well as in their resumes and personal portfolios.
  • Hold weekly coaching sessions with your assigned students to guide them through the job search journey until they get their first technical job, and subsequently as they move to their 2nd or 3rd job position.
  • Coordinate mock interviews between students who are practicing job interviews.
  • Help iterate on and improve the technical interview prep curriculum.
  • Track job placement results as students move to the job market.
  • Work with our Placements teams to help place students in internships and full-time roles.

Experience and Skills Requirements

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; comfortable and compelling in public speaking situations (you will be meeting students in video chat sessions).
  • Experience with technical interviews for software developers, either as the interviewee or interviewer.
  • Are comfortable completing coding challenges like those required for a coding interview, and are excited to help students get comfortable solving them as well.
  • Strong time management skills.
  • Have a passion for mentoring others and seeing others succeed.
  • Flexible with a willingness to experiment and learn from it.
  • Data-driven and excited about using metrics to drive process improvements.
  • Are comfortable using a lot of different tools, whatever is needed to do the job.
  • Are based in Europe/Americas/Africa (for max. timezone overlap with the rest of the team).

In an ideal world, you...

  • Have 2+ years of experience as a software developer and/or hiring manager for technical roles.
  • Have prior general career coaching experience.
  • Have provided career coaching or mentoring for software developers, specifically.
  • Have created documentation to guide people throughout their job search
  • Have experience working remotely
  • Have experience working iteratively and releasing MVPs
  • Have prior startup experience
  • Have an extensive technical professional network
  • Are based outside the US
  • Have experience with the international technical job market

What We Offer

  • The opportunity to join a rapidly growing company and shape our team's direction and organization.
  • Join the whole team at company retreats somewhere around the world once every nine months or so (next one in March!)
  • We have a remote-first, asynchronous work culture, so you can make your work schedule flex around your life schedule.
  • You'll work alongside a fully distributed team that lives all around the world and is from 7 different countries that believe in our core values: 
    • 1. We are global citizens 
    • 2. We are passionate about our mission 
    • 3. We invest in people 
    • 4. We are eager learners 
    • 5. We are transparent 
    • 6. We take ownership of our work 
    • 7. We live a harmonious life 

How to apply

Send us a short paragraph telling us why you think you are a great fit for this position and include the word "pumpkin" to make sure that you read the entire job description. Applications without an introduction including the word pumpkin will not be moved forward in the process.