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Posted 7 months ago

YourWork is a German business and employment-oriented social network for craftsmanship and industry.\nWe are a small, self-funded team who move fast led by the entrepreneur Nicole Nestler. She has experiences in the IT technology sector and was leading the last 6 years a big company in the craftsmanship industry.\n\n# Responsibilities\n • You‘ll ensure YourWork has scalable, affordable, reliable and high-performance systems to support the growth of the business in Germany and abroad, enabling constant product innovation and optimization.\n• You‘ll be responsible for choosing the tech-stack, planning architecture, bootstrapping the dev-team and building the codebase from scratch. We expect you to oversee technology choices, code quality, security and infrastructure, but also on the HR side, including recruitment and career development of your team members.\n• We would like you to help foster a culture of individual initiative, solidarity and lead results-driven development methodology. \n\n# Requirements\n• At least 3-4 years experience with building consumer-facing web applications as a full- stack developer.\n• Proven experience with at least one modern frontend framework (React/Vue/Angular).\n• Proven experience with at least one modern backend REST framework\n(Express/Koa/Django/Serverless etc.).\n• Basic devops understanding and experience deploying and maintaining application in\nthe cloud (AWS/GCP/HEROKU etc.).\n• Product and product-terminology understanding, experience working with\n marketing/creative/business departments. • You move fast.yagJzhkdapAsCMnUw7CpJAMi\n\n#Location\n- Germany