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Posted over 1 year ago

# Technical Lead
We are looking for a permanent full time remote Technical Lead who will be responsible for assuming technical ownership over their product and acting as a mentor and subject matter expert for other developers on the team while also participating as a developer. They will also engage with the Product Owner regarding feature/solution feasibility and provide options analysis.

# Responsibilities
# Core Areas of Responsibility
* Provides technical leadership to team via coaching and mentorship while empowering team members to be self-reliant
* Responsible for overall code quality; should ensure that new work meets our standards
* Assumes primary accountability for application deployments
* Steps forward when there is a roadblock for the team in order to move the team past any obstacles
* Meets with Product Owner(s) regularly to discuss product architectural issues and planning
* Escalates any perceived team threats or issues to the appropriate party; specifically, if there is any need for management intervention on the team, these issues need to be escalated to the Director of IT, Product Manager or Agile Team Coach
* Participate in both front-end and back-end development in a fast paced agile development team building enterprise grade software systems

# Requirements
# Required Skills and Experience
* Experience as a developer technical lead
* 6+ years of experience in .NET Development leveraging the 4.5+ framework along with working experience with MVC or MVC, MVVM, and MV
* Full-stack C# developer with RESTful web services
* Expert level experience with Visual Studio
* Experience with SQL Server development (e.g. stored procedures and functions, tables, objects)
* Experience with ORM (preferably entity framework)
* Demonstrated ability to design systems and to think systemically

# Preferred Skills and Experience
* Understands the different aspects and value in eCommerce sites
* Has developed solutions with high-data-volume transactions and operations
* Has designed APIs and can speak to pros/cons of various techniques and practices
* Experience with parallel process design and implementation
* Experience with asynchronous process design and implementation
* Experience with instrumentation for performance, tuning and optimization
* Experience working with SaaS or Cloud based products in an eCommerce environment
* Intermediate, or higher, experience with AngularJS (or other JS frameworks), Bootstrap, HTML5


- The location of this remote job is restricted to the United States working Eastern Time Zone hours.