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Posted 6 months ago

We build beautiful, lovingly engineered SaaS products for the hospitality industry. And we'd like you to join us as our Technical Success Manager.

What can you expect?

As Technical Success Manager, you’ll be right in the middle of the action. Part-project manager, part-tech support and part-solution consultant/designer, you’ll have the opportunity to deploy all of your diverse skill-sets and interests, ultimately helping customers to succeed with our products.

During the sales process, you may be called upon by our Sales Director to help with product consultancy and pre-sale, solution-tent-poling.

During onboarding, you’ll partner with our Customer Success Managers to assist with the technical aspects of account set-up and particularly with any bespoke solution implementations that our larger customers require. Your strong project management skills will be called upon where complex, multi-faceted customer launches need both solution design and coordination between multiple stakeholders.

Once customers are onboarded, you’ll then be on-hand to reactively troubleshoot, resolve or triage technical challenges where our Customer Success Managers ask for help.  You’ll also proactively keep an eye on some tech-focussed customer health KPIs to spot potential problems with our customers’ product implementations before they do.

You’ll be able to speak “two languages”, as you will need to act as a liaison between our customers, our customer success managers and our engineering team. You must be able to communicate in engineering jargon and non-technical language, and also be able to translate between the two.

Through your time spent delving into our products, sometimes looking “under the hood” and also working closely with our Head of Product, you’ll also find yourself becoming a bridge between support and engineering, pushing knowledge both ways, and giving the Customer Success team the tools and knowledge they need to use or troubleshoot our products themselves without running into technical barriers.

About you

We’re looking for a creative, highly organised problem-solver with great communication skills and a keen eye for detail.
  • You’ll have some experience working with customers in a consultative role, either at another SaaS company, a digital/web agency or perhaps your own freelance company.
  • You have a good technical knowledge of industry standard practices for using and implementing data feeds, APIs, webhooks and web pages.
  • Your written and communication skills will be first class, and you’ll have an uncanny ability to explain technical concepts in a simple manner.
  • You have demonstrated creative thinking and problem-solving skills
  • You are able to partner with other team members and engineers to resolve issues and identify patterns for client technical requests
  • You’ll be comfortable debugging within the browser console
  • You’ll excel at managing multiple threads of work
  • You’re independent and comfortable sometimes working with ambiguity
  • While you won’t be coding yourself very often, you’ll find that having the ability to, say, write basic SQL, be comfortable on the command line or query an API, will empower you to quickly qualify potential problems, analyse how our products are being used or get an idea of how something works or could work, without having to rely on finding  a developer/engineer with time to help you!