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Posted 11 months ago

Technical Usability & Quality Assurance Maven

(Full Time – 100% Remote Work)

This opportunity is in a rapidly growing, disruptive global tech-startup.

About us

Holo is a distributed cloud platform and marketplace that enables the hosting of peer-to-peer applications by everyday users connected to the Internet. Holo is an app built on Holochain, our new open source, framework infrastructure technology for distributed peer-to-peer applications. Holochain is lightning fast, massively scalable, cost effective, resource efficient, and eco-friendly.

To help fuel the growth of new patterns of technology and social interaction, we are also seeding the growth of a Holochain application (hApp) ecosystem and training a developer community that will build many more apps.

Where you will fit in:

We are looking for an extremely proactive energizing person with both broad and deep understanding of Holochain and it’s code base and documentation. You will stand for technical usability in code and documentation for Holochain DNA developers and will support throughout the rolling release process of Holochain, as we go from early Alpha to a stable release and beyond.

What you will do:

  • Support the core developer team for Holochain releases.
  • Contribute to the design, development and refinement of our continuous integration testing environment
  • Provide visibility and clarity about Holochain technical usability.
  • Develop, establish, enforce, and improve quality assurance and testing strategy including: test automation, performance testing, negative testing, code and coverage analysis, compatibility testing, and environment management.
  • Write tests that ensure features and bugs adequately address current and future release scoping.
  • Ensure pull requests and release candidates pass quality assurance checks.
  • Manually test the functionality of software when needed and find ways to automate such manual testing.
  • Dynamically adapt test approach to the context of each project.
  • Perform exploratory testing.
  • Develop and execute test cases, document results.
  • Ensure timely testing coverage according to project schedules.
  • Verify and validate user stories, providing requirements input.
  • Coordinate with internal teams and the developer community, recommending solutions and best practices.
  • Log clear, reproducible bug reports.
  • Advocate for bugs throughout the resolution process.
  • Contribute to the automation suite that tests Holochain Core against various sample Holochain applications.
  • Work with DevOps and Integration teams to setup and tune release automation and test environments for various system platforms, including Windows (Servers), Linux, OSX, iOS, and Android.
  • Utilize effort estimation for test planning and test execution phases.

What you’ll need:

  • Experience in relevant software quality assurance is required. Knowledge and Skill Requirements/Specialized Courses and/or Training: Use case analysis; Test cases creation; Product lifecycle testing and support.
  • Experience working in an Agile environment utilizing associated project and test tool sets required.
  • Skilled in automated test development.
  • Fundamental understanding of distributed application models, networking, system integration, debugging and troubleshooting required.
  • Exceptional operating and debugging skills of Linux, OSX, Windows, & iOS and Android systems required.
  • Experience with Continuous Integration tools and their integration with GitHub.
  • Knowledge of Rust and/or statically typed programming language strongly preferred.
  • Excellent communication, organization, problem solving, risk analysis, and decision making skills required.
  • Strong proactive approach on meeting business demands required.
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate cross-functional work teams toward task completion
  • Able to quickly learn and contribute in a fast-paced remote distributed working environment, sharing knowledge, and seeking feedback.
  • Comfort and experience with remote team operations is a must.

Some details about what we offer:

  • Generous salary (National Currency)
  • Generous crypto pay program (HOT & Holo fuel)
  • Supportive team trial period
  • Regular team meetings (video and in person)
  • Collaborative and inspiring culture
  • Flexible work schedules and vacation
  • Motivated, passionately engaged, and evolutionary global teammates