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Posted almost 2 years ago

Whoever decided it's what's on the inside that counts failed to see that it's the outside which draws attention, and that you look at while interacting with each day. If the outside isn't appealing, then the inside never has the chance to impress. Some sugar babies on our sugar dating site may be happy to make compromises in the looks department but we aren't. Everything we produce is exceptionally well designed, and now we're looking for your help as a UI / visual designer to do more of it.Our design team can comfortably fit in one room... On one chair. He's very talented but extra capacity is long overdue. Across our web and mobile apps, emails, landing pages, marketing materials, and promotional website there are enough improvements and new ideas to keep a small army of designers busy but right now we're just looking for a full-time equivalent. You'll gain wide-rainging experience and see your work gradually make its way onto all aspects of our product.Sick of having to spend your time building relationships with new clients each month, or working on a boring product with a stale team? There must be a reason why the last designer we hired is still with us 5 years later, and producing cutting edge work.For this role we are looking for: UI / visual designer who understands the importance of UX. Good proficiency with Sketch and prototyping tools. Maintain and use UI design systems for our web and mobile apps Collaborative, able to receive constructive feedback and iterate towards the best idea. Tackle UI challenges and present ideas focused on interaction design and usability. Strong portfolio which displays not only pixel perfect UI, with visual design and UX a bonus Our site's loved by over a million people so you'll enjoy the responsibility that comes with fashioning a UI that impacts tons of real people. We keep it fun and simple but produce high-quality work. Our talented dev team have the skills to ensure the final product matches your design. You'll be highly valued, we all appreciate good design.We're a young, motivated team that's entirely remote and distributed globally. Sick of that commute, or reminding the in-person team that you're still alive? Here we're all in the same position. You dictate when and where you do the work -- fit it around your life without feeling guilty.