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Posted 2 months ago

\nPEMDAS is looking for an experienced back-end GIS software engineer to join our remote team. You will be working on the back-end data services of our environmental intelligence system, building APIs, performance tuning algorithms, and architecting our solution going forward for unmanned aerial systems.  You need to be comfortable working with big environmental data sets: data flow setup, data processing, and data storage.\n\nYou will be expected to follow typical software development processes. Our developers use Jira, Git version control, continually integrate their software updates with automated builds, follow Agile software development processes, fully document their code, and follow accepted code style standards. This position offers a wide range of creative freedom, but utilizing these best practices allows us to maintain structure, consistency, and high quality products.\n\nAs we are a remote team, you must have the discipline to manage your time while working from home.  Some travel will be required (<25%) in order to better coordinate implementation of complex solutions with our team and to facilitate demonstrations of our solutions to our government clients on site.\n\n  The Basics\n\n\n* BS/MS degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, or a related subject\n\n* Software Development: minimum 5 years (Required)\n\n* ESRI (ArcGIS) or GDAL: minimum 3-5 years (Required)\n\n* C# and or Python: minimum 5 years (Required)\n\n* Clearance (or clearable)\n\n* Skilled at developing OGC-compliant web services\n\n* Familiarity with Atlassian or similar tool suite for task tracking and development processes\n\n* Ability to document requirements and specifications\n\n\n\n\nPreference given to candidates with:\n\n\n* Familiarity IBL Visual Weather\n\n* Experience with meteorological data\n\n* Experience with containers\n\n\n\n\n  You will be a perfect fit if you:\n\n\n* Develop well-designed, implementable, and testable software\n\n* Enjoy working on new, unexplored problems\n\n* Do not like working mundane tasks, but prefer the ability to develop creative solutions\n\n* Can conduct feasibility studies and advise on alternative approaches (trades)\n\n* Work well as part of self-organizing team and are open to pair programming\n\n* Thrive when working in the comfort of your own home as part of a geographically separated team\n\n\n