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Posted about 1 year ago

[Over]( puts the power to inspire the world, build a business, or grow your brand – in the palm of your hand. Whether for personal or professional use, you can create captivating visual content in just a few taps, with no design experience necessary.

Our users are ambitious, driven, and highly creative go-getters, entrepreneurs and dreamers, and we make it our mission to ensure they’re equipped with the tools and knowledge to make their mark on the world – whatever that may be.

We have an incredibly talented team of inspiring individuals, who have worked tirelessly to make Over into the wonderful product it is today. Together, we’re inspiring the world to create, one design at a time.

While the intuition, vision and instincts of our founders and product team have gotten us to a million daily active users, we recognise a need to scale our understanding of our users and our product’s role in their lives.

To that end, we are establishing a design centered User Experience Research team, to begin delivering continuous user insights and – more importantly – solutions to our product teams.

Over is:
🎲 Fun
We think everything should make you smile—from using the app and getting support to working here.

🚀 Passionate
We’re a little bit obsessive, at times uncompromising, but it’s all because we care intensely about our customers, our team, the experience, design, branding, social media, and the world.

👨🏽‍🎨 Creative
We’re always striving to be inspired and inspire others with great design, easy-to-use technology, and an awesome workplace.

💚 Kind/Gracious
To each other, our customers, our partners, the world. We believe that a little kindness goes a long way, so we try to spread a lot of it.

😄 Optimistic
The glass is always half full, and most of the time it’s overflowing. We believe that anything and everything is possible if you put your whole heart and mind into it.

# Responsibilities
**Main responsibilities:**

* Create and maintain research-informed personas at both a global and local scale in key markets
* Conduct user research, assimilate insights and propose designs and solutions based on these
* Establish both moderated and self guided research best practises and processes
* Work with Product Managers and Data Science to identify areas of knowledge and empathy gaps.
* Promote a culture of user empathy and understanding within Over
* Build and iterate high-quality prototypes, drawing on feedback from user testing
* Define and produce information architecture, user journeys, interaction flows and wireframes

# Requirements
**Skills, competencies, and experience:**

* 3-5 Years of UX design with a strong research focus
* You’ve conducted user research at small and large scales with respondents numbering in the thousands to tens of thousands.
* You have demonstrable experience designing and executing both moderated and unmoderated user research.
* You’re solutions oriented - capable of synthesising a number of datapoints into a path or paths of action.
* Demonstrable strength at systems thinking
* Strong UX design capabilities