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Posted over 1 year ago

We are looking for an experienced VB6 developer to assist us in maintaining, upgrading and enhancing a VB6 based legacy application platform.  This position may be full-time or contract and will run from now through late 2020.  For full-time employees there is an option to transition into our .Net practice over time.

We are looking only for candidates who have solid proven experience in VB6 and have the following skills:

* Knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server 2016, including SQL coding skills and knowledge of stored procedures, triggers, and functions

* 10 years of programming experience using most or all of the following technologies: Microsoft platforms, specifically Visual Basic 6, including the creation of custom controls.

* ASP Classic

* Winforms


* Visual Studio Pro 2017

* Team Foundation Services (TFS)

* VB.NET using Visual Studio, Visual Studio 2010 preferred.

* Excellent HTML knowledge