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Posted about 1 year ago

In our business, we set aggressive goals for our services, which are driven by our business needs. A VP of Professional Services is expected to lead their team towards achieving these goals, ensuring highest quality deliverables, producing value to our customers. Our management process is to set weekly targets with daily check-ins to ensure we are on track to achieving the quarterly results.

The VP of Professional Services will manage a team of 5-15 Software Engineering Managers and ensure the teams meets their targets and strive for continuous improvement. It is expected that you will be monitoring the team’s daily and weekly performance using our proprietary tools. Your responsibility is to identify obstacles and offer coaching to improve quality and productivity.

The VP of Professional Services will be expected to run deep-dives into problem-solving with their teams and leverage past technical expertise in Software Development, Quality Assurance, Advanced technologies and automated deployments using CI/CD tools.

This exciting opportunity allows those who can rise to the challenge, to integrate a factory-style approach to the acquisition, integration, and support of a variety of products in our vast and rapidly growing portfolio.

You will report directly to the Senior VP of professional services. Under his leadership, you will understand how our factory style approach allows creating unified processes that can be implemented across our portfolio and integrated into newly acquired companies.


You will be expected to:

Establish world-class standards and technical operations to produce consistent, high-quality deliverables across dispersed, global teams.

Hire, train and manage team of IT professionals and their managers.

Be able to define metrics to measure your team’s performance using our own software-based tool to improve processes, staffing, and productivity in order to deliver top-quality customer success on every deliverable while achieving productivity improvements.

Throughout your time with us, you will:
Create ongoing economies of scale, enabling our organization to become more effective and efficient as it grows
Utilize the productivity tool, WorkSmart Pro to manage a remote team and drive productivity to ensure customer success on every project
Utilize data from WorkSmart Pro to drive quality to perfection and achieve 25% quarterly productivity improvements
Document and communicate policies and procedures

University degree (BS, MS, or PhD) in either Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Physics or Information Technology

2+ years of experience as a software engineer, directly writing software product code OR a technical consultant, directly customizing, configuring, and integrating software for customers

5+ years of experience managing delivery of technical projects or services to external customers

Extensive experience in leading a large organization of 50+ individual contributors

Perfect spoken and written English

Ability to communicate with several diverse techno-functional teams

Experience in overseeing the implementation process of client-facing SaaS projects

Skilled at communicating effectively with software engineers, technical customer support teams and project managers

Nice to have:
Willingness to unlearn management styles that you used before and re-learn how to manage a team under our own “Worksmart Pro” productivity management model
Strong organization skills, experience leading and working across large multi-functional teams with direct and indirect influence

As VP of Professional Services, you will learn what it takes to handle aggressive growth where we measure success on a daily and weekly basis.

You will keep the pace and operate at scale and learn how to onboard new acquisitions at a rate of 1 company/product per week. Your willingness to unlearn your traditional management style and learn how to use our own productivity management tool, “WorkSmart Pro”, will define your success managing a 100% remote and 100% international team.

To do so, we will provide you with a unique Worksmart Pro training for managers that include:

What it takes to measure success on a daily and weekly basis with proactive suggestions on how to take performance to the next level

Understand how focused and how intense your teams work on their tasks with real-time dashboards

Acquire the skills necessary for conducting deep dives to resolve problems with your teams using big data coaching

Identify top and bottom performers with a click

Coach your team on the importance of daily progress against quarterly set quantifiable goals which deliver real business value