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Posted almost 2 years ago

Hi there, My name’s Edward. I work with entrepreneur and speaker Till H. Gross and together we run Course Concierge. We’re an online course publishing house that develops courses for NYT best-selling authors, TED speakers and those with something to say. For the right person, this is a Dream Opportunity — and dream company. We’re a year-and-a-half-old and growing, and looking for a Managing Producer to oversee and orchestrate our productions – design, development, marketing, editorial and film.Our clients include YouTubers with 150,000,000 views, one of the most hotly-followed health experts on Instagram, and a coach to NFL athletes, NBA players and U.S. special forces. Check us out here: Online courses, for the most part, have a lethargic reputation. Compared with today’s video games things are still in the primitive stages – about as far evolved as Pong. But online courses’ possibilities are endless, and that’s something we’re set to override. A book is a book. An online course is, well, anything you want it to be. There’s a promise of the internet that’s yet to be delivered, and we’d like to be its bearer. Each production is a serious operation, and we have many going on at the same time. There’s a picture of U.S. chess champion Bobby Fischer playing 50 games simultaneously that’s something of a comparison. We’re looking for someone who can manage four or more client productions at the same time, on topics as varied as cyber security and yoga. Producing has a great reverence in the music world. We’d like someone who can help bring about the same in online education.Our early works have been supremely effective – we know how to drive action. The below is just one week following the release of “The Weekend Woodworker”, a course we helped produce with Steve Ramsey: heuristic for a course for strength coaches: “I’d happily have this person train my mum & dad after taking this”. Another all-purpose: “Would I be comfortable selling this to my best friend?” (We need courses for which the answer is a resounding Yes.)You need to have a definite interest in online learning, curriculum development and the future of education. To have ideas about online courses – what they should look like and feel like.Also, you need to be something of an operational whiz. “Project management” is an awful term that does no justice to the majesty required to get the most out of a team.Our ideal candidate...- Is a strong leader. You can drive a team to move forward, you know what a great product looks like, and you can help deliver one on time.- Considers themselves a coach. We want someone who can get the very best out of everyone on the team (and clients) – a nurturer.- Has a philosophy of learning. We want someone for whom, pent up from all the things you think wrong with the school educational system, wants to put things right and help us rewrite the rules.- Can be both a “maker” (rolling up your sleeves to do things) and a manager – able to switch between the two effortlessly.- Is willing and able to fly to our clients’ shoots. You’ll be a guiding hand with our film director – as many as eight shoots a year, shot in North America.- Can guide smooth handoffs between team members. You have the ability to push responsibility widely throughout a team, while at the same time keeping a close eye to things.- Can hold their own with some seriously accomplished clientele. As well as managing the team, you’re client-facing. You’re guiding their production and you’ll need to charm them and have them bought into your ability to do so to the utmost.- Is able (with a bit of help from us) to recruit designers, developers and continue to build our brilliant team as we grow.- Knows how to politely say “no” when necessary.We’re a great company to join. Here’s why…- The company is still young (just 18 months) and you will be getting in at the ground level. - Despite the company being young, we’ve a combined experience of several decades in online course production and marketing. We have an unbelievably engaged team, with world-class people in every department – from video production to design to development to copywriting and editorial.- We’ve got our ducks in a row. We’re a company that has our house in order and we’ve structured things very deliberately. We have a system across the company and battle-proven workflows. The foundation is here, and it’ll be yours to build upwards.- Our clients are fantastic. We have the good fortune to be selective in who we work with, and many have a great sense of mission in what they do.- We’re a remote company and you have the freedom to work from anywhere. Preferably we’re looking for someone in North America or Europe, but are open to candidates the world over. (Our current team spans 13 time zones.)- We’re going places.*Pay will be set at a competitive rate, and we’re happy to work with notice periods, transitioning to you coming on full-time when ready.Please do not send a CV – we don’t care where, or even whether, you went to school –  but do tell us why you’d be a good fit and include experience that would help you to command the position.There’s no deadline to reply, but we’re looking to fill the post soon and so please get in touch as early as is convenient.We won’t be able to get back to everyone, but for those whose notes stand out, we’ll be in touch to ask further questions and set up a phone interview.Thank you for considering the position and reading this far. I hope and look forward to hearing from you, Edward