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Posted about 1 year ago

NOW HIRING: WEB DEVELOPER TO SET UP TEXT REMINDER SYSTEM 7 Eagle Group is a national recruiting firm that matches qualified US military veterans with in-demand jobs. We need a system built that will handle some of our repetitive communication tasks, such as: Interview appointment reminders, including an immediate reminder, as well as intermittent reminders at regular intervals, and follow-up communications to check up on the results of the interview. First day of work reminders and follow-ups, including check-ins as long as six months after a candidate begins working. These reminders are all to be handled via cellular text messaging, most likely MMS. Templates will need to be longer than 160 characters and include a lot of information such as the candidate name and phone number, appointment time and date, client name, and the name, number, and web page for the 7 Eagle Group talent acquisition manager. A single scheduling manager should be able to schedule all appointments in a single calendar. Ideally, an appointment should be set for an interview or job start date, and then all other reminders or follow-ups should trigger from that initial appointment according to a workflow template. Candidates and clients may be in different time zones from our scheduling manager, so all communication must be sent with time zone differences in mind. If you are the best person to build our system, please tell us what kind of time and budget you would require for the initial setup, and what we can expect to pay in terms of ongoing service fees for the messaging service. APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Email 7 Eagle Group Web Developer, David Sprinkle, at Include your hourly fee or project fee, your phone number, your resume, and any other details. We will then phone you to discuss the next steps. Thanks!