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Posted over 1 year ago

**About Our Company**

The Tree Center is a growing e-commerce company located 25 minutes outside of Washington DC. For the past 6 years, we have been a leader in our industry and have helped pioneer the online plant shopping experience. We pride ourselves in bringing together the most unique plant palettes available from all over the country and making them available to everyone online. We have multiple physical shipping locations throughout the United States, and our core team is comprised of individuals located remotely throughout the world.

**Job Description**

As a Wordpress Frontend Developer at The Tree Center, you will be working with a small team made up of talented designers and devs from all around the world. We work with git, communicate via Slack and our team structure is flat. The primary focus will be on (Wordpress/WooCommerce). In addition to this, there are multiple brands and websites that need to be built.

This position is for someone with a passion for pixel-perfect CSS as well as a deep understanding of WordPress. You will have built your own themes and custom plugins before and potentially even contributed to WordPress Core. You enjoy finding elegant solutions to complex problems and are familiar with the WordPress motto - "code is poetry." You are up-to-date with the latest and greatest trends and technologies because you are engaged in the open source community and you enjoy building software that pushes the web forward. While is built on Wordpress and WooCommerce (PHP-based application and plugin), we have an internal admin backend built with React.js. A good amount of your time will be spent developing with Javascript.

This is a full time position available to both on-site and remote employees.

# Responsibilities
* work hand in hand with design team to bring interfaces to life with pixel-perfect CSS
* build custom WordPress themes and plugins.
* implement additional features to our internal admin app (React.js).

# Requirements
Required Experience:
* Complete understanding of the WordPress core software and its functions at the code level.
* Experience building WordPress themes/plugins.
* Mastery of WordPress coding and security best practices.

Required Skills:

Bonus Qualifications:

- Worldwide